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25 Indoor Activities for Kids

Written by Joanne Jones


Posted on March 19 2020

Stuck inside? Trying to avoid screen time?  Tired of hearing the kids say "I'm bored"?

Kids have a ton of energy and it can be hard to keep up with them even when you aren't stuck inside.  Instead of dreading indoor time, embrace your child's energy by giving them something to focus on.  Give them activities that will keep them busy, out of trouble (hopefully) and will help to tire them out!

Need help coming up with some ideas of what to do?  I've put together a list of 25 fun activities that you can do around the house.

25 Fun Indoor Activities

1. Turn up the music and dance.  What's your favourite song to dance to?  Do you and your kids prefer to make up your own dance moves or learn the dance moves that go with the song?

2. Open a pretend toy store.  Have the kids design, build and operate their very own store.  What toys will they sell?

3. Make your own slime.  What do you think is more fun - making the slime or playing with it?  

4. Play a board game.  Stick with a classic or try something new!  Either way, you can't go wrong.

5. Draw a picture.  As a kid, my cousins and I loved drawing pictures for our Grandma.  She would hang them up on the wall in the guest bedroom in her house.  When the wall was full, she would put some of the artwork in a binder so that she could still look at it whenever she wanted.

6. Make your own bracelet.  Bracelets are so fun and easy to do!  Braid some thread together or grab a kit and follow the directions.

7. Pretend to run a library.  Simply have your kids gather up some books from around the house and then pretend to let people check them out of the library!

8. Make play dough creations.  Making things out of play dough had to be my favourite activity as a kid.  Heck, it's still lots of fun as an adult!

9. Put together a jigsaw puzzle.  Do you have any strategies you use to put a jigsaw puzzle together?

10. Read a book.  I love reading books to little kids, especially when I get to make funny voices when the characters in the story are speaking!

11. Learn how to knit or crochet.  A very relaxing way to spend a few hours.  What will your kids make - a scarf, a blanket?

12. Put on a puppet show.  Have the kids create their own characters, story line and theatre.  You can always make a bowl of popcorn to eat while you watch their show.  How fun!

13. Play tennis with a balloon.  Was this a hit with the kids?  Then try a different variation each time you play.  Use the balloon for soccer, hockey or volleyball.

14. Make a stop-motion video.  There are so many apps available to choose from and that are easy to use.  

15. Play tic tac toe.  A great scree-free alternative that can be played on paper, a chalkboard or even in the sand box!

16. Have a doll tea party.  What's your favourite tea to drink?  Stick to teas that you already enjoy or ask your kids to come up with some interesting flavours for you to try.

17. Play hide and seek.  It's a classic for a reason!

18. Learn some new card tricks.  See how many card tricks you can master!

19. Solve a cross word puzzle.  Change it up and try a word search or sudoku. Word puzzle games are so much fun!

20. Write a story.  Even better, have your kids write a story and draw some pictures to go with it.

21. Paint rocks to make pet rocks.  A quick search on Pinterest will reveal some very creative designs.  Which one will your kids try?

22. Build a fort using blankets.  Building forts is my favourite thing to do!  It doesn't matter if the fort is made from blankets or snow - any fort is a great fort!  Thankfully, my son agrees with me.

23. Play with Legos.  Kids can be so creative!  What is your favourite Lego creation?

24. Create an indoor obstacle course.  What will you have to go under, over or around?

25. Make paper airplanes.  Learn about air dynamics and then see whose paper airplane can go the farthest!


Still need some help putting activities together?  Then check out my Play Time Fun collection


Until my next blog post, here's wishing you and your kids lots of indoor fun!

With lots of love,