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Stop being stressed about money. Create a happier relationship with your money!

70 Affirmations About Money to Attract Wealth

Written by Joanne Jones


Posted on November 17 2021

Do affirmations really work? Yes – and no. Affirmations have power because when they are repeated, your brain will become trained to believe what you are saying. However, if you have a belief that is deeply rooted in your subconscious mind, you can’t overcome it by simply telling yourself something that is the opposite. Let me give you a quick example.


Affirmations work best when they are short phrases, that are easy to remember and quick. They also need to be something that you already believe. So, if you believe that money is evil, saying an affirmation like, “all money is good” won’t work. However, if you love helping other people and you use an affirmation like, “I use money to improve the lives of others” – then it will help you to have a more positive mindset around money.


How to Make Money Affirmations

All affirmations, including money affirmations, should always be positive in nature. Avoid creating affirmations that are negative, as that negativity will only keep you stuck making poor financial decisions that won’t help you in the long run. By using positive affirmations, you’re training your mind to make better financial decisions.


Once you have found your positive money affirmations – ones that you already believe – then it’s time to use them. Whenever you have a financial decision to make, use your affirmations to help you stick to your financial goals. The financial decision could be something big, like reminding yourself why you are saving money, or something small, like deciding whether or not you really need to buy something new.


Here are 70 of my favourite affirmations about money that will help you create wealth and prosperity in your life. Go through them and pick out your favourites. Then, write them down and look at them every day for inspiration and to help you meet your financial goals.


Manifesting Money Affirmations

1. I attract money to me easily and effortlessly

2. I attract and receive unexpected money

3. I am a magnet for money. Prosperity is drawn to me.

4. I attract money beyond my wildest dreams

5. I am open to receiving money in my life

6. I attract money to give to others

7. Money flows to me in expected and unexpected ways

8. I have the power to attract wealth and money into my life

9. Money is abundant and I attract it naturally

10. An abundance of money is flowing into my life right now

11. My mind is a powerful magnet for wealth and abundance

12. I am on my way to becoming wealthy

13. I trust that more money is coming to me

14. I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance

15. I allow money to flow easily to me

16. Money is being drawn to me in every moment

17. I am creating an abundant future with my thoughts today

18. I can see examples of abundance all around me

19. I visualize myself having money and I receive more money

20. I attract wealth to me from all directions


Manifesting Money Affirmation - I am creating an abundant future with my thoughts today


Affirmations for Earning More Money

1. I embrace new avenues of income

2. I constantly attract opportunities that create more money

3. The more fun I have, the more money I make

4. I am worthy of making more money

5. I attract enough income to pay for the lifestyle I want

6. My income will exceed my expenses

7. I believe in my ability to earn more money

8. Money is an abundant resource that I can earn

9. I am capable of turning my skills and expertise into income

10. I accept the flow of money from multiple sources

11. My hard work will bring me money

12. My job provides the opportunity to work towards my financial goals

13. Making money is a positive endeavor that serves me, my family and my community

14. Every dollar that flows to me now works for me, to earn more money

15. My skills and hard work bring me wealth and I am grateful and respectful of that 


Affirmations for Earning More Money - I am capable of turning my skills and expertise into income


Affirmations for Positive Money Beliefs

1. I give myself permission to prosper and build wealth and to be happy about it

2. Money and spirituality can co-exist in harmony

3. I have a positive money mindset

4. I am worthy of the wealth I desire

5. I let go of all my limiting beliefs around money

6. I am worthy of a solid financial foundation

7. I embrace a life of abundance and positive thinking

8. My relationship with money gets better and better every day

9. I deserve to be financially rewarded

10. I am healing my relationship with money

11. I am grateful for the wealth that is inside of me

12. I embrace all positive associations to money, wealth, abundance and prosperity

13. I gracefully surrender all of my resistance to wealth

14. I release all negative energy over money

15. Money and love can be friends


Affirmations for Positive Money Beliefs - I am worthy of a solid financial foundation


Affirmations for Using Your Money Wisely

1. I change the world with my money

2. I use money to improve the lives of others

3. I am grateful that I can contribute my money to the economy

4. I can use money to create a better life for me and my family

5. I am happy to pay my bills for all that they provide me

6. The money I contribute always comes back to me multiplied

7. I have the ability to spend money on the things that matter to me most

8. I am happy when I spend my money responsibly

9. Money well spent is a source of good and positive things

10. I will be mindful of my wealth so that it can serve me and those around me

11. Money is good because I use it for good things

12. People benefit from my wealth and abundance

13. I am generous with my money

14. I use money to improve my life

15. Money is my servant

16. Money can expand the opportunities of my life

17. Money is used to provide good things for my life and the lives of the people I love

18. Because I have money, I can give and serve generously

19. My money allows me to have a life I love

20. The more I give, the wealthier I become


Affirmations for Using Your Money Wisely - I am generous with my money


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Until my next blog post, here’s wishing you lots of joy and happiness!

With love,