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Stop being stressed about money. Create a happier relationship with your money!


Have you ever told yourself ...

I'm not good with money.

Money is too complicated to understand.

I don't have enough, so it doesn't matter how I manage my money.

Everybody else has this lifestyle and I want it too!

I WANT to handle my money better, but I'm not sure where to start!

Take a moment to imagine. What if instead of all that craziness, your relationship with money looked like …

Freedom – to not worry or stress about money ALL the time!

Being able to tell yourself, “I have enough money” and “There’s more where that came from” – and actually BELIEVE it!

Build healthy money habits, so that your money works FOR you, instead of controlling you!

Are you thinking “Sounds great! But how do I get there?”

Hi! I’m Joanne, your financial coach. Money management is a life skill that I passionately believe all people need to learn. As an accountant, I know that understanding money doesn’t have to be difficult. Let me help you create a happier relationship with your money. I help cut out the confusion, by giving clear and simple explanations. So, come with me and I’ll show you how.

Challenge Your Money Mindset!

Have you ever wondered why you struggle with money? There’s a reason why! And no, it’s not just about how much you earn. I help you learn to challenge your money beliefs and mindset. Learn how to take back control of your money, so that it doesn’t control you.

Get Out of Debt – and Stay Out!

I know a lot of people who worked really hard to get out of debt – only to find themselves back in debt in just a short period. It’s because they didn’t address the habits that got them into debt in the first place! I help you set up healthy money habits that are easy to follow.

Learn How to Save!

Saving money doesn’t mean you can’t spend money. It just means being intentional about HOW and WHERE you spend money. It also means learning how to budget for expenses, savings and fun. The fun budget is my favourite part because you can spend this money on whatever you want! Woo hoo!

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