Money affirmations are a powerful tool that anyone can use. Best of all, they’re free and easy to follow. So, what is a money affirmation? An affirmation is a short phrase, that is easy to remember and can be repeated to yourself at anytime – and anywhere – during the day. These phrases are powerful statements about new behaviours that you want to embrace.

Do Money Affirmations Really Work?

Yes, money affirmations really do work! How? By repeating a phrase over and over, it helps to train your brain to replace negative thoughts with more healthy and helpful thoughts. Healthier thoughts, ones that are more positive, in turn train your mind to look for ways to make these new thoughts come true!

Affirmations can be used in any area of your life, including money and finances. Feeling stuck when it comes to your finances? Pick a money affirmation. Not sure what to do with your money? Pick a money affirmation. Then use that affirmation to give you direction and take action!

Why do Positive Money Affirmations Matter?

Positive thinking has been proven to work! How? By giving you something to replace your unhelpful, negative thoughts. Positive thoughts produce a positive mindset – one where you truly believe you have the power to reach your goals. Creating a positive mindset is the first step to reaching your financial goals.

So, stop telling yourself that you’re bad at managing your money! Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones that empower you to take control of your money today!

Financial Affirmations

When it comes to money, sitting down to look at the numbers can be scary for many people. While it may be easier (in the short run) to avoid the numbers, in the long run it will be more painful. Don’t be afraid to track your spending. Don’t put off setting your financial goals – make a plan and take action!

To help you get started, here’s a list of financial affirmations that will bring you the financial success you’ve always wanted:

  1. Every dollar saved puts me closer to financial freedom.
  2. I believe in my ability to use my money to meet my financial goals.
  3. I have the discipline to make hard financial choices now so that I can enjoy an easier life later on.
  4. I have the power to be a financially successful person.
  5. I am excited to start and establish my money-making goals.
  6. I will build an emergency fund to safeguard myself.
  7. I have the ability to build a base of financial literacy.
  8. I boldly conquer my money goals.
  9. My finances don’t scare me because I have a plan.
  10. I can become financially free.
  11. With hard work, I can build the financial future that I desire.
  12. Financial success belongs to me and I accept it now.
  13. Negative emotions about money don’t serve my financial goals.
Money Affirmation of the Day: I boldly conquer my money goals.
Money Affirmation of the Day: I boldly conquer my money goals.

Affirmations for Saving More Money

When it comes to saving money, it doesn’t have to be difficult. But you do need to look at all areas of where your money is going, including how you spend money and how much debt you have. Look for easy wins, for example, subscriptions you no longer use. Best of all, remember that your future self will thank you for starting the path of saving more money!

Here’s a list of affirmations for saving more money that will inspire you to save more:

  1. I am in control of my spending.
  2. My future self will thank me for saving money today.
  3. I enjoy the challenge of saving more money.
  4. Finding ways to have fun in a frugal way is enjoyable.
  5. I choose to spend my money wisely.
  6. I can track my expenses and stick to a budget.
  7. I will be debt-free. I have the power to make it happen.
  8. More money in my bank account doesn’t make me a bad person.
  9. I am committed to eliminating all debts that don’t serve me in my life.
  10. I am happy when I spend my money responsibly.
  11. I am not poor. I am on the path to a wealthy life.
  12. I am responsible with money and I manage it wisely.
  13. I always have more money coming in than going out.
Money Affirmation of the Day: I choose to spend my money wisely.
Money Affirmation of the Day: I choose to spend my money wisely.

Money Positive Affirmations

Do you feel stuck when it comes to your finances? Or that understanding money is difficult? Or just have any negative feelings when it comes to money? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. While it’s common for people to have these feelings, it just doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s a list of money positive affirmations that you can use to change how you view your relationship with money:

  1. I am capable of overcoming any money obstacles that stand in my way.
  2. I know that money is freedom.
  3. I am wealthy and living on my own terms.
  4. I control my money; money doesn’t control me.
  5. It’s easy for me to change my money story.
  6. I choose to be organized and responsible with money.
  7. I reclaim my money power.
  8. Money is a tool and I am going to learn to use it well.
  9. I believe that money is important.
  10. My capacity to hold and grow money expands every day.
  11. My finances improve beyond anything I could ever imagine.
  12. I can find the positive in my money situation.
  13. I am excited to keep my finances on the right path.
Money Affirmation of the Day: I reclaim my money power.
Money Affirmation of the Day: I reclaim my money power.

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Until my next blog post, here’s wishing you lots of joy and happiness!

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